Introducing Angelo Martinez

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Lovesong (Acoustic)

Angelo Martinez – Lovesong

Angelo Martinez (Angelo van Utrecht, Born March 10th 1990). The Dutch music producer/singer/songwriter grew up in a sleepy city just under Rotterdam. He is a child to a Dutch father and a Colombian mother. With his father always playing guitar and singing he developed an interest in music and instruments at a very young age.

Not to talk about the numerous records that were being played like music from Michael Jackson, The Beatles, De La Soul, Oasis, Nirvana & Doe maar. He started with playing drums followed by guitar and piano while at the same time he discovered his first DAW and started producing songs. This creative era lasted for several years, during a very low point in his life he discovered that he could use his emotions and experiences and turn it into music and lyrics. He found out, he is a songwriter by nature. some of his mayor influences on a later age were Daft Punk, Ed Sheeran, Dr. Dre and Diplo.

The story behind “Love song”

This song actually started as a letter to his ex-girlfriend, but with her not replying to any messages he then decided to turn it into a song. In the hope that she will get the message, that is. I think that most people can relate to the problem of still having feelings for your ex girlfriend, so he says.  Writing songs is like therapy for him and in the end she actually did contact him after hearing the song.

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