Introducing ONnotez

Latest releases:

All Night – Released 05/06/21

At last (Remix) – Released 04/28/21

ONnotez (real name Onno Slinkert) was born in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. Started creating music as a young kid using Fast Tracker II influenced by The RZA and Daft Punk. His formative years and global experience began to permeate his music, blending Electronic, Hip-Hop and Pop.

After getting invited to a session by A$AP Rocky in London (2016) music became more serious. It tricked him to leave his hometown Rotterdam and everything else in 2017 behind to chase the music. Moving from Berlin to Los Angeles and finally landing in Paris with only just hand luggage and his laptop

From sessions in Hollywood studios to working with local French artists, he went back to the Netherlands before 2nd COVID lockdown to work with his sister, singer/songwriter Rowana. At that point they both realized they grew to another level from last years life experiences.

“It’s kind of crazy… I didn’t knew my sister could sing like that.”

ONnotez and Rowana are making songs like they’re baking cookies. And everyone can take a bite of this sweet sensation. Keep an eye out on May and June 2021 for new releases from ONnotez, because there is a lot more in coming, waiting and ready to go.

“Rowana – Dreaming About It” Produced by ONnotez ©2021
“Rowana – Ooh Na Na” Produced by ONnotez ©2021

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